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Experience a magical holiday? You can do so at Recreatiedomein Warredal in Belgium. The special accommodation is located in the middle of the Belgian forests. Stay for example in one of our cosy houses or cosy cabins! Many guests preceded you, read some travel experiences here 💭.

Sofie Senden | @sofiesenden

Together with my friend, I got to enjoy a few days in the beautiful Warredal. We found it so cosy in the Treetop. Looking out of the window at nature, cosily cooking something together, relaxing in the hot tub, quality time together and so much more. We also enjoyed the wellness immensely. Everything was there for a relaxing and romantic experience. At the same time, there is so much fun to discover and do on the estate. We definitely recommend a stay at Warredal!

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Renske | @renskeontdektdewereld

"Together with my three-year-old son, I discovered the Comfort Sweet with hot tub. What an adventure! Walking together, looking for the elephant in the forest, watching the goats, making soup from leaves from the forest, bathing for hours in the outdoor hot tub, eating ice creams from the vending machine, picking flowers and going to bed together. Where the lights twinkled. In the morning, we collected our breakfast box. What a treat! This was our second visit to Warredal but we will definitely come back again!"

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Sarah & Cédric | @coordinotes

'Just getting back to basics and logging off from the daily hustle and bustle, but also spending real time together. From our little terrace on top of the Treetrunk, we were able to spot birds and squirrels. Inside, we lit the woodstove and enjoyed a cup of coffee together. In the evening, we also lit the oil lamps and ended the day with some games by the stove. Pablo, our cat also felt completely at home here.'

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Elisabeth van Lierop | @elisabeth.van.lierop

We went to enjoy a few days of Warredal three times by now. We love it there. The cottages are small and compact, so you are really invited to spend quality time together. And at the same time, the domain is big enough to wander around for a few days. Fire up the stove, join in a game, put aside your mobile phone and internet, have a cup of coffee with a view of the birds and squirrels. This is pure enjoyment. 💓

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Anki Willemsen | @lazyfitgirlmethode

We enjoyed ourselves intensely again at Warredal. Together with my friend Jeroen and sons Sammie and Beau, we slept in a beautiful treehouse, among the trees! 🌲 Out in nature, chopping wood, playing games by the stove and of course in the hot tub. Doing everything together, paying real attention to each other for a while. It really was a party! 🤍

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Yara Mairin | @yaramairin

Are you looking for a romantic stay? Then Warredal is the place to be! 🤍 My husband and I slept in a Tree House with hot tub, what an experience. The cottages also have a wood-burning stove so super cosy. We stayed 2 nights but in the middle of nature we really came to rest and it felt like a whole holiday. We will definitely be back! ✨

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Sylvie -

Warredal has completely outdone themselves with their Cosy Houses. These are so beautiful and so cosy. We stayed in Tree House 2. This cottage is incredibly smart and cosy, I could have easily stayed here for a month. I can't think of or remember a place where I got all zen so quickly. You have nothing here and everything at the same time. So simple and yet so rich. Time flew by far too quickly here. We could have done all sorts of things at the park, but we didn't need to. We had each other, beautiful autumn weather and a hot tub, that was really all we needed. Warredal, we will definitely come back!

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