Climbing Park Warredal

Adventure Park Limburg - Belgium

Do you like adventure and dare to endure obstacles at great heights? Then be sure to visit the climbing park at Adventure Park Warredal. Here you can push your limits together with family, friends or colleagues. Who will you challenge to this exciting activity on the wooded estate?

Warredal's high altitude course is one of the most exciting climbing parks and has seven courses with different heights and levels of difficulty as of March 2024. So everyone can choose their own challenge. You will be properly secured at the start so you can start the course without any worries. Now you climb and scramble through nets, over rope bridges and brave numerous balancing elements. The climbing park in Adventure Park Warredal is suitable for young and old.

Are you coming to the climbing forest with a group of more than 20 people? If so, please send an e-mail to





YOUTH (7 TO 12 YEARS): €22


ATTENTION: There will always be a minimum of 8 participants in total. Should we not reach that minimum on the day booked, we are forced to cancel your booking. This is always done 24 hours in advance. If you have not received any notice, the climbing will continue. If we have to cancel your booking, your online payment will be refunded. 


Plattegrond Klimpark
Climbing Park Warredal

Frequently asked questions Climbing Park

Who can climb with us?

Climbing Park:

  • Minimum age 4 y.o
  • Maximum weight 120 kg


  • Minimum weight 30 kg
  • Minimum age 7 y.o

What type of clothing do I wear?

For your own safety we advise:

  • Shoes: closed shoes are obligated, sandals and slippers are not permitted
  • Jewellery: not permitted
  • Clothes: we advise sports wear, dresses and skirts are not permitted
  • Hair: long hair must be tied back

Will the climbing park close due to bad weather?

We always close the climbing park when the weather is extreme: snowfall, storm or thunder.

How long will we be climbing?

The climbing will take about 2-3 hours.

Are there any lockers available?

You can use the lockers. They are located at the Adventure park, where you will be checked in before you go climbing.

Can I bring my own climbing gear?

For your own safety it is not permitted to bring your own gear. You will receive a harness and helmet from us.

Can spectators come along?

You are free to bring your support system (family, friends), they can watch you climb in the park. 

Do parents have to climb as well?

Every minor needs to be accompanied by an adult. He/she doesn’t have to climb and doesn’t need to pay the entrance fee. We do expect that he/she is present during the climbing activity that takes place in the park.

Do I have to book beforehand?

To avoid disappointments, we advise you to book beforehand. We operate with a minimum and maximum amount of participants. People who turn up without reservations can’t participate.